About Conveyor

Conveyor is a Visual Studio extension, designed to take the hassle out of testing your application across devices. Created by Keyoti Inc., Conveyor allows developers to access the Visual Studio development server from devices across the network as well as remotely over the internet.

Test your App.

Now, more than ever, developers need to make sure their application runs correctly on a variety of devices. Whether checking responsive design, usability or as part of your testing strategy, Conveyor allows you to view your application from any device.

Collaborate over the Internet

Conveyor can also be used to enable access to your application over the internet.

Conveyor can provide you with access to your Visual Studio web server, over the internet. Visit the URL show in the Conveyor extension window and all registered users can use the URL to see your application.

Simple to Setup

The Conveyor extension takes all the effort out of setting up remote access to your Visual Studio web server. Just install the extension to Visual Studio and build your application as normal. The Conveyor window will appear with local network and remote URL options.

How to Install
Some love from VS Marketplace
Love this extension, before this I used to publish projects [or] even change iis express configs since i want to test web service on android.

Nasser Khoshfetrat

This extension saved my project. Really thanks!!! This should be shared.

Ricardo Jorge Mendes de Almeida