Remote access to your web applications

Conveyor enables remote access to local web servers (like IIS Express) from your LAN or over the internet

Test from any device

Access and test your web application from other devices, such as phones, tablets and computers, locally or over the web.

Tunnel over the Internet

Connect to your application over the internet by tunnelling through your firewall and router. This allows you to share your web app and collaborate over the internet, and also implement webhooks with services like Twilio.

Fix 400 Bad Request or Invalid Hostname Errors

If you’ve tried to access your Visual Studio web project from an external device, you'll have seen these errors, which are due to IIS Express not accepting host headers other than ‘localhost’ or not having the correct bindings. There are fairly complex solutions that require changing config files, or there is our simple, free Visual Studio extension, Conveyor which works without configuration changes.

Once you have installed the Conveyor extension you can immediately test your web and API projects from other computers and devices such as tablets and phones.


Host your Visual Studio application direct from your desktop

Easily test your IIS Express web project using mobile devices

No configuration changes required. Just install direct from Visual Studio and run your project

Work with webhooks and API’s over IIS Express, without publishing your project.

External access over the internet without opening your firewall

Public URLs for direct access to your web app. Demo direct from your local machine, test your Chat Bots & much more.

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